All of the spirit. None of the rules.

We did it because we dare to do things differently.

Because the old way doesn’t have to be the best way.
And because nothing great ever came from doing things by the book.

So, in the spirit of damn good spirits, we’re here to raise the bar.
To different. To new.
To making the most out of every sip, and truly living.

Glyph Molecular Spirit.
All of the spirit. None of the rules.

In our first two years, Glyph Original has taken the world by storm picking up 14 awards, including the Platinum award at the 2020 SIP competition. We’re excited to launch two new flavor profiles to the Glyph family: Glyph Spice and Glyph Royal. Like the original molecular spirit, Glyph Spice and Royal are crafted ‘note by note’ in less than 24 hours using flavor and aroma molecules extracted from more efficient sources in nature.

Inspired by an American bourbon, Glyph Spice is described as a medium-bodied spirit with notes of cinnamon bark, cherry, oak spice, toffee, caramel undertones, and banana aromas. It is crisp and carries an earthy, savory finish — perfect for those nights by the fire pit.

Meanwhile, taking inspiration from a sherry cask aged Scotch, Glyph Royal offers a deep bold warmth for the soul that pushes the boundaries of Old-World traditions. It is full-bodied and luscious with notes of coffee, wood, dried fruit, burnt sugar, fig, and sherry. It comes to a finish with a light twist of citrus.

Spirit Whiskey with Natural Flavors / 43% alc. by vol